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James & Victoria’s Quintessential English Wedding

James & Vicky had the quintessential English wedding….well, at least I thought so, as it was the first English wedding I have been to.
I was particularly excited about her gorgeous juliet cap and the fact that they had a confetti recessional after they left the church…oh and a Piano man at the reception! This was definitely a fun wedding with some amazing people.
Church: St Mary’s Church, Runwell // Reception: Hylands House, Chelmsford //Juliet Cap: Not on the High StreetRenee Louisa Photography_0014.jpg

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Liz & Matt’s Backyard wedding celebrations!

Matt & Liz were looking lovely and relaxed after their wedding in New Zealand and continued the celebrations back home in Sydney with friends and family at Matt’s family home, surrounded by candle lights and good food, especially the gorgeous cake made by a family friend.
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