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Morocco is such a vibrant and exotic place. The colours jump out at you and the opportunities for photos are endless. Riding camels in The Sahara was a highlight.  This is just a small selection of photos I took on a trip to Morocco a little while ago.











Finland Barn Wedding – Gemma Clarke Photography

I second shot this gorgeous wedding with Gemma Clarke Photography in Finland. Gemma is a Sydney based photographer who travels quite often to shoot international weddings and is extremely talented at what she does. As I was living in London at the time, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to work with her on this side of the world! It was an amazing Finnish Barn wedding with lots of vintage lace, stunning scenery and gorgeous details and of course a lovely couple. Thanks for letting me join you for this most beautiful wedding, Gemma.

Finalnd Barn WeddingFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0002.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0003.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0004.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0005.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0006.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0007.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0008.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0009.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0011.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0012.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0013.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0010.jpgFinland wedding Gemma Clarke Photography_0001.jpg

Great Ocean Road Tripping

Those who know me, know I love to travel. This was my first trip exploring my own backyard since moving back to Oz from London. My brother and I had an amazing time road tripping from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road. We drank coffee, tried the Italian cuisine on Lygon Street, savoured pastries on Acland Street in St Kilda and devoured (numerous) chocolate balls along the Great Ocean Road. Sadly there are no photos of these delights as they were hoovered too quickly. Melbourne truly is the food capital of Australia.

The Great Ocean Road was stunning and really blew me away. Such beauty on my own doorstep. I have traveled the world only to find amazing wonders here in Australia. The ‘Round the Twist’ lighthouse brought back childhood memories and had us singing the theme song. Obviously the ultimate highlight was the 12 Apostles, although having said that, I really enjoyed some of the rock formations just past the 12 apostles, particularly the Bay of Martyrs.

We also enjoyed the wine region in the Grampians. I was super excited to finally see the Beach Huts on Brighton Beach (I made a special trip a few years ago to Brighton Beach in the UK, only to find there were in fact no Beach huts there – wrong country apparently!)Great Ocean Road_0001.jpg

Great Ocean Road_0002.jpg

Round the twist light house Great Ocean road.jpg

Bay of Matyrs Great Ocean Road.jpg

Sovereign Hill Ballarat.jpg

Luna Park St Kilda.jpg

Melbourne things to do.jpg

Melbourne water front.jpg

Yarra River.jpg

Brighton Beach Melbourne.jpg