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Jess & Ben | Married

Jess and Ben kept telling their friends they were having an ‘elopement with family’. They wanted the day to be simple and elegant and incorporate all the things they love, including cake, coffee and family.

As Jess is currently training for a marathon, a normal weekend would include going for a run out to Brownlow Hill Loop Road and back into Camden for coffee and their wedding day was no exception… other than the lack of running. I think the day was exactly as they had envisaged it and was a beautiful celebration of love. The photos definitely make it look like something out of a page of a Jane Austen novel.

Dress: Beautiful Brides | Flower: Petals & Blooms | Hair Stylist: Van Dang | Make-up Artist: Ericka Copeland | Minister: Rev Paul Davey | Ceremony: The Oaks Anglican Church, The Oaks | Suits: Today’s Man | Grooms shoes: Windsor Smith | Cake: Handmade by Carly Myer | Jewelery: Luminox | Coffee Cart: Xpresso Mobile Café

BenJessWedding_0001.jpg BenJessWedding_0002.jpg BenJessWedding_0003.jpg BenJessWedding_0004.jpg BenJessWedding_0006.jpg BenJessWedding_0007.jpg BenJessWedding_0009.jpg BenJessWedding_0010.jpg BenJessWedding_0011.jpg BenJessWedding_0012.jpg BenJessWedding_0014.jpg BenJessWedding_0015.jpg BenJessWedding_0016.jpg BenJessWedding_0017.jpg BenJessWedding_0018.jpg BenJessWedding_0019.jpg BenJessWedding_0020.jpg BenJessWedding_0021.jpg BenJessWedding_0022.jpg BenJessWedding_0023.jpg BenJessWedding_0024.jpg BenJessWedding_0025.jpg BenJessWedding_0026.jpg BenJessWedding_0027.jpg BenJessWedding_0028.jpg BenJessWedding_0029.jpg BenJessWedding_0030.jpg BenJessWedding_0031.jpg BenJessWedding_0032.jpg BenJessWedding_0033.jpg BenJessWedding_0034.jpg BenJessWedding_0035.jpg BenJessWedding_0036.jpg BenJessWedding_0037.jpg BenJessWedding_0038.jpg BenJessWedding (43) BenJessWedding (41) BenJessWedding (30) BenJessWedding (44) BenJessWedding (45) BenJessWedding (46) BenJessWedding (47)